Stanley 20L Review

Stanley 20L Review
Stanley 20L
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  • Stanley 20L
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  • Last modified: April 9, 2016
  • Capacity
    Editor: 83%
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    Editor: 89%
  • Build Quality
    Editor: 91%
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    Editor: 87%
  • Noise
    Editor: 88%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 88%

Review Summary:

For use in a large area, the Stanley 20L dehumidifier works really well. Under the optimal conditions, this machine will extract up to 20L of water from the air per day and it comes with a range of settings that allow the user a nice level of control. It is easy to use, reliable and it performs well, so most consumers should be satisfied with this dehumidifier.

The Stanley 20L dehumidifier is a nice, large dehumidifier that is rated for light industrial use. This model is designed to be easy to use and it operates effectively at a wide range of temperatures.

The fact that this machine can deliver up to 20L of extraction means that it can be good for large homes. This machine can work in temperatures ranging from 5-32 degrees, with the best performance coming at the top of the range. While it does extract less at lower temperatures, the power of the machine and the auto defrost do help this model to achieve a nice level of moisture removal even when it is cold.

The Stanley dehumidifier comes with and easy to operate touch button control panel with an LED screen. When the machine is in operation, the screen will read the ambient humidity in the environment and it will also read the settings as you use the controls. The humidistat has a continuous setting and an automatic setting. The continuous is where the user can actually set the desired humidity level and the machine will operate to maintain that level. With automatic, the dehumidifier will set the humidity depending on the temperature.

The user can also select between two fan speeds and to have the machine run on a timer. The timer has a 24-hour clock and the dehumidifier can be programmed for automatic start and automatic shutdown. In addition to that, the control panel also has indicator lights for when the water is full and to let you know when the machine is defrosting.

If there is anything negative to note about this model, it is that the collection tank is only 2.3L. You could definitely make do with this small tank, but with a machine that can deliver 20L of extraction in a single day, a larger tank would be nice. The machine does stop when the tank is full, so there is no worry about the tank overflowing, but if it is working in a warm, humid environment, there will be a lot of tank emptying to be done. The machine does also come ready for a continuous draining system, but you will need to supply your own piece of tubing to run the line.

This dehumidifier from Stanley is very well made and it should provide reliable service for years. It does not require a significant amount of maintenance, so it is a good value product in regard to the build quality.




Up to 20L of extraction per day
Electronic controls with an LED screen
Ambient humidity readout
Auto stop for full tank
Optional continuous draining
2 fan speeds
24-hour timer for stop and start
Washable filter
Castor wheels


Small water tank for the size of the machine
You have to buy your own tubing for the continuous draining

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