Meaco 20L Platinum Review

Meaco 20L Platinum Review
Meaco 20L
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  • Meaco 20L
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  • Last modified: April 9, 2016
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  • Value for Money
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Review Summary:

If you are looking to dry a large area, this Meaco 20L dehumidifier could be the perfect solution. This model is designed for convenience and efficiency and it comes with one of the best control setups that you will find. When you consider the performance and the price, it makes this machine a good value purchase for home dehumidification.

For a high level of water extraction in a machine that offers versatile user controls, the Meaco 20L Platinum dehumidifier is a can’t miss item. It uses an efficient compressor design with a system that is made for efficient operation. The user gets a nice level of control and a range of options for how the machine operates.

This model can deliver up to 20L of extraction, which is pretty close to the high end for domestic dehumidifiers. Depending on the conditions, this model could work well for homes of up to five bedrooms. You probably get the best performance at around 30-degrees, but this machine has an operating range of 5-35. When it gets below 20-degrees, the performance does start to lag, but due to the size and the defrost system, you still get a good level of extraction even at low temperatures.

Since this machine offers a high level of daily extraction, it comes with a large 6L water tank for less emptying. The tank is accessible from the front and it comes with a handle for easy emptying. In addition to that, this model does have a full indicator light and it will stop running when the tank is full. The Meaco 20L Platinum is made for a continuous draining system, but the manufacturer does not supply the kit.

The controls on this machine are first-rate. It has an easy to use touch button control panel with a display screen. When the machine is in operation, it will read the relative humidity in the environment and when the user is setting the humidistat, it will show the settings. You can set the machine anywhere from 30% to 80% RH in 5% increments for a nice range of settings and you also have a continuous mode for drying laundry.

Additional controls include selecting from two fan speeds, turning on or off the air swing and setting the timer. In addition to that, you have an indicator for defrosting, the full tank indicator and lights to let you know what mode of operation is running.

This machine comes with a standard washable filter, but there is the option of replacing the standard dust filter with a HEPA filter. The filters can be washed by removing it from the machine and using a vacuum to clear all of the dust and debris. Once the filter is clean, it can be replaced in the machine to resume operation.

Meaco has designed this dehumidifier to run very efficiently. With most models, the fan will keep running to allow air to continually pass through the system. This is to allow the machine to sample the air to monitor the humidity level. This machine runs until it reaches the desired humidity and then the dehumidifier and the fan shut off. After 30-minutes, the fan switches back on to test the humidity in the air. If the humidity has risen enough it will start back up.



Up to 20L of extraction per day Electronic controls with humidity display 6L collection tank Water full indicator Auto stop for full water Energy efficient design Good for drying laundry Timer that runs from 1-24 hours 2 fan speeds Swinging louvre with on/off control Optional HEPA filter (sold separately) Auto restart Comes with handle and castors 2-year limited warranty


Continuous draining kit sold separately

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