Meaco 10L Review

Meaco 10L Review
Meaco 10L
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  • Meaco 10L
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  • Last modified: April 9, 2016
  • Capacity
    Editor: 85%
  • Adjustability
    Editor: 86%
  • Build Quality
    Editor: 91%
  • Features
    Editor: 86%
  • Noise
    Editor: 86%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 91%

Review Summary:

This is a dehumidifier that is both simple and effective. It delivers a good level of daily extraction and it can work well at a wide range of temperatures. It may not have all of the top features that you would get from some models, it but does have good dehumidifying capabilities and it is a reliable machine. It comes at a low price and it works well, so the Meaco 10L dehumidifier is a good value.

The Meaco 10L small home dehumidifier can provide a really good solution for homes that have problems with moist indoor air. This is a standard compressor style model and it offers a good level of efficiency. You get an easy to understand control panel from a dehumidifier that operates well under a wide range of conditions.

This model from Meaco is both efficient and effective. It removes about 10L of moisture from the air per day and it is designed to work well for homes of about 3-bedrooms or less. Its ideal operating range is between 5-35 degrees and it starts to get less effective as you approach the freezing temperatures. That means that it can be good for indoor use at home, but it is less than effective for working in out buildings.

For settings, the user gets three standard dehumidifying settings and one setting for drying laundry. The first setting is for 80% relative humidity, with the second setting for 60% and the third for 40%. During warmer times, the second setting will work just fine and it will operate efficiently. If it is working in the cold, then you may need to switch to the third setting and the efficiency will diminish. In the cold, the machine may also need to cycle off from time to time in order to defrost the coils.

For water collection and removal, this machine is alright. It comes with a 2L collection pan, which is enough, but it can fill rather quickly with this machine. Another half-litre to full litre of collection would be nice. However, this dehumidifier does detect when the reservoir is full and it will stop filling to prevent overflow. In addition to that, it will also signal the user when it is time to empty the water. If you choose to go with continuous draining, none of this will be an issue and the set does come with the provisions to install the drainage line.

This dehumidifier is easy to use and effective, but it does not come with a lot of features that you may expect. It has standard filtration instead of antibacterial and it only has a single fan speed. For consumers that are only looking for basic dehumidification, this will not be an issue, but the filter may be a concern for people that have problems with allergies.

With this model, Meaco has made a dehumidifier that is both well built and reliable. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and with the proper care, it should serve the consumer well for years.


10L of extraction per day
Good for 3-bedroom homes
Economical compressor driven system
Electronic control panel
Easy to remove water tank
Full water indicator
Auto stop for full water
Optional continuous draining
Automatic restart
Built-in humidistat
3 standard settings
Laundry mode


Only standard filtration
The tank capacity isn’t necessarily too small, but for this level of extraction, it could stand to be a little larger

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