EcoAir DD122 Review

EcoAir DD122 Review
EcoAir DD122
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  • EcoAir DD122
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  • Last modified: April 9, 2016
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    Editor: 86%
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Review Summary:

For simplicity and effectiveness at a low price, the EcoAir DD122 is a good purchase. The consumer gets a decent rate of extraction and a good level of control from a model that is fairly reliable. It has settings that range from 35% to 80% RH and there is also the convenient laundry mode. As with any dehumidifier, it does require a little bit of care, but this model is exceptionally easy to use.

The EcoAir DD122 Simple dehumidifier offers an effective solution to moist indoor air and it comes with a range of features that make it easy to use and versatile. This is a desiccant dehumidifier, so its runs pretty quiet and it does not contain any gases that can be harmful to the environment. Additionally, you have a built-in humidistat and different settings that you can select for different situations.

With an extraction rate of about 7L per day, the DD122 Simple will be pretty effective for mid-sized homes. This model is designed for use in the home or in out buildings like a shed or garage. It has an easy turn dial control to set the relative humidity level anywhere from 35% to 80% and it can work in any temperature ranging from 1-35 degrees.

It can be a little power hungry when it is on the highest setting, but it is fairly efficient if you keep it at a mid to low setting. For higher temperatures, you will probably find that it is less efficient than most compressor driven dehumidifiers are, but at lower temperatures, it will provide be more efficient and more effective.

This model also comes with an antibacterial filter. The silver filter helps to remove harmful or irritating particles from the air that passes through the machine and this makes for cleaner indoor air and a healthier environment. However, the filter will need to be cleaned from time to time. Every 2-3 weeks the user should remove the filter and clean it with a vacuum.

For water drainage, the consumer can choose between manually emptying the collection pan or they can run the line for continuous draining. For manual emptying, this one is pretty good. It has an indicator light that lets you know when it is full and you can easily slide the tank out from the side. It also has a handle on the water reservoir to make it easy to handle. If you choose to go with continuous draining, it comes with the tube and it has a port for installation.

This model from EcoAir is easy to set-up, the controls are very simple and it offers a good level of adjustability. It also seems to be fairly durable. If you take the basic steps to care for it, it should have a good operating life. In addition to that, EcoAir does back this model up with a 2-year limited warranty.



Desiccant dehumidifier 7L of extraction per day 2L water capacity Works on homes of 2-4 rooms Working range of 1-35 degrees Rotary dial control 2 fan speeds Turbo mode for drying laundry Water full indicator light Shuts off when full Tip-over protection Easy to remove water tank Optional continuous draining Antibacterial filter Quiet operation at 34dB


It uses a lot of power on the highest settings

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