Ebac Powerpac 21 Review

Ebac Powerpac 21 Review
Ebac Powerpac 21
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  • Ebac Powerpac 21
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  • Last modified: April 9, 2016
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Review Summary:

With the Ebac Powerpac, consumers get a compact dehumidifier that can be good for large areas. It can extract a lot of water from the air in a single day and this model is very easy to use. Some people may not like the lack of manual control options, but the machine can manage itself very well through the use of the Smart system. It provides good performance and convenience, so it makes for a pretty solid value.

The Ebac Powerpac 21 is a powerful dehumidifier that can work well for a variety of consumers. This is a compressor model that uses refrigerant to remove the moisture from the air and it uses a range of sensors to optimize performance. This model is very compact, but it really delivers when it comes to big performance.

With this machine, the user can get up to 21L of extraction per day. It definitely works better at around 25-30 degrees, but you still get a nice level of extraction even at colder temperatures. It can work anywhere from 3-35 degrees and it has a defrost system that helps to maintain a decent level of performance. Under the optimal conditions, this model could work well for a home that has four bedrooms.

For the controls and options, it really depends on what the consumer is looking for as to whether this machine is good or not. Ebac went all out to make this a Smart machine, but to some degree, it was to the expense of having a good level of user control. You have settings like boost and maximum for when you need to dry laundry or remove a lot of water from the air, but for the rest of the time, you only have the smart settings. For people that just want to set the machine up and leave it alone this can be nice, but for people that like to fine tune things, it might be an issue.

The Smart system does provide good moisture extraction and it helps the machine to run efficiently. The machine has a range of sensors that detect conditions in the home. It then uses the data to manage the dehumidifier’s operation for a good balance of performance and efficiency. You can also select from two fan speeds and if you need to, you can set it to max for a while to increase the extraction.

This machine does a decent job when it comes to managing the water that it extracts from the air. It has a 3.5L water tank, which is about as small as you want to go with a unit that offers more than 20L of extraction per day. The collection tank is at the top of the unit for easy emptying and the machine does halt water collection when the tank is full.

This model actually has two filters. The first is a dust filter to protect the components of the machine and to clean the air. The second is a water filter to protect the pump. With this machine, the water doesn’t just drop into the collection tank. Since the tank is at the top, it has to pump the water into the tank. Both filters are good for.




Up to 21L of extraction per day Designed for use in the UK Smart controls Electronic control panel 5L water capacity Auto stop for full water Full water indicator 2 fan speeds Good for drying laundry Top loading water container Integrated handle


No continuous draining option Limited manual control ability It is a bit noisy

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