Ebac Amazon 15 Review

Ebac Amazon 15 Review
Ebac Amazon 15
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  • Ebac Amazon 15
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  • Last modified: April 9, 2016
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Review Summary:

The Ebac Amazon 15 is a reliable dehumidifier that can work for medium to large homes. It can pull up to 15L of moisture from the air in a single day and it is designed to be easy to use. You can select from a range of different humidity levels and it also has two fan speeds. With performance that is reliable and effective, this machine offers a really solid value.

With effective moisture extraction and easy to use controls, the Ebac Amazon 15 offers a practical solution for homes that need a dehumidifier. You get an efficient compressor-driven system with features like intelligent defrost, antimicrobial filtration and laundry drying.

This model can deliver up to 15L of extraction per day and it can be good for use in homes of up to four bedrooms. The Amazon 15 will probably provide its best performance at temperatures around 25-35 degrees, but it does have a defrost system that allows it to work at temperatures as low as 3-degrees.

While the performance does lose something as the environment gets colder, this machine is surprisingly effective in the cold. Most machines just go into a standby mode once the coils freeze, but this model stops before they freeze. This provides cold weather performance that is a little better than other compressor dehumidifiers and it runs a little more efficiently in the cold than many of the competing models.

The controls on this machine are fairly simple and straightforward. You have a dial that allows you to control the humidistat and a dial that lets you select the fan speed. Additionally, there is a light that indicates when the machine is in operation and when the water tank needs to be emptied. On the humidistat, the dial can be turned to a wide-range of settings for a nice level of control and there is also a boost setting for drying laundry.

This machine from Ebac is probably one of the better models when it comes to emptying the water. It has a convenient drawer on the front where the water tank goes and it can be accessed easily. The container is also designed with a handle and a closed top to prevent spilling. With many of the competing models, the water tank is essentially just a bucket and when the machine gets full, these buckets can be somewhat difficult to carry and empty. The closed-top design with the drawer eliminates much of the hassle from the job.

If you do not want to worry about emptying the water container, there is the option to install a continuous draining line. The machine is designed to be compatible with a kit that is sold by the manufacturer, but it does not come with the machine, so it is something that you will have to buy separately.

For maintenance and care, the only thing that you really need to worry about is the filters. With this machine, you have the option of antibacterial or carbon-activated filters. Depending on use, you will probably need to clean the filters about once a month and then replace the filter every three or four months. However, this can vary depending on how often the machine runs and the conditions in the home.



Up to 15L of extraction per day Efficient compressor-driven system Easy to use controls 2 fan speeds 5L water capacity Easy to empty water container Optional continuous draining Auto stop for full water Full indicator light Good for drying laundry Intelligent defrost system Works at temperatures from 3-35 degrees Compatible with antimicrobial and carbon filters


If you want continuous draining, the kit is sold separate

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