Ebac 6200 Review

Ebac 6200 Review
Ebac 6200
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  • Ebac 6200
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  • Last modified: April 9, 2016
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Review Summary:

If you are looking for ease of use in a large dehumidifier, then the Ebac 6200 is a good model to look into. This model is powerful enough to provide 25L of extraction and it comes with a Smart control system to balance efficiency with effectiveness. Some consumers may be put off by the lack of user control, but this is a powerful dehumidifier and it can provide great results for a variety of environments.

The Ebac 6200 is a good large area dehumidifier that works effectively to remove moisture from the air. It has a powerful compressor-driven system and Smart controls. In addition to being powerful and convenient, this machine also comes in a range of different styles for a nice look. You can choose from the silver & steel body, blond oak and mahogany.

With the ability to extract up to 25L of moisture from the air per day, this machine is ideal for use in large spaces. If it is working under the optimal conditions, the 6200 could be good for homes of up to five bedrooms. The listed operating range is from 3 to 35 degrees and it delivers its best performance at temperatures above 25-degrees. However, the power of the unit and the intelligent defrost system will provide the user with a good amount of extraction even in the cold.

For water collection, Ebac has equipped this model with a 4L tank. This is a good level of capacity for a machine that offers 25L of extraction and it also comes with a full tank indicator. The tank is top loading for easy removal and replacement and it comes with a handle to make it easy to carry. The machine starts to signal when the machine is almost full and it also shuts down when the tank is full, so there is no worry about overflow.

The controls on this machine are simple and easy to use. It comes with an electronic control panel with touch button control. You have a button that selects between the dehumidification modes. This model has a continuous mode, an auto mode and an auto-economy mode. In addition to that, you can select between two fan speeds, a boost mode and a fan only air filtration setting.

The Smart auto settings are nice and convenient and they do improve the efficiency of the machine, but for regular use, these are the only settings that you have. Some consumers may prefer manual settings to pick a specific humidity level and this machine has no option for manual humidistat settings.

For air filtration, this machine comes with the carbon-activated filter for removing odors from the air, but this can be replaced by an antimicrobial filter for removing airborne particulates. The user will need to check the filter and possibly clean it about once a month and they will also need to be changed about once every three to four months. You could just continue to remove the dust from the filter instead of replacing it, but after a while, the carbon or antimicrobial protection will lose effectiveness.



Up to 25L of extraction per day Optimized for UK climate Electronic control panel Smart control system 4L water tank Auto shutdown for full tank Full tank indicator with audible alarm Optional continuous draining Top loading water container Good for drying laundry Air purifier mode 2 fan speeds Integrated handle


This machine is a little noisy Continuous draining kit is sold separately

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