Dimplex Forte 10L

Dimplex Forte 10L
Dimplex Forte 10L
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  • Dimplex Forte 10L
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  • Last modified: April 9, 2016
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    Editor: 86%
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Review Summary:

This is a dehumidifier that can be great for working in smaller spaces. It can extract up to 10L of moisture per day and it is made for ease of use and durability. At lower temperatures, it does become less efficient, so it is less suitable for use in unheated areas, but it can deliver results at temperatures as low as 5-degrees.

The Dimplex Forte 10L model is a nice little dehumidifier that can be good for certain applications. With its compressor driven system, it works efficiently and it can offer up to 10L of extraction per day. It does not offer many of the top features that you may expect from some of the more expensive models, but it is fairly simple and straightforward to operate.

For extraction, this model can work well under a range of conditions and it offers a decent level of coverage. It might be a little much to say that this model will cover the whole house, but it can be good for a single room or for in smaller homes. Being a compressor model, it works well and operates efficiently at warmer temperatures, but you are going to notice a decline in the effectiveness and efficiency as the temperature drops. Its operating range is listed at 5-35 degrees, but the optimal temperature is somewhere around 20-30.

On the control panel, this machine has a simple rotary dial for the user to set the desired humidity level. Once you turn it on, the humidistat will cycle the machine on and off as needed. You can also turn the machine on for continuous operation if you want to use it to assist with drying your laundry. On the panel, there are also indicator lights for when the machine is in operation, tank full and for when the machine is defrosting.

The Dimplex Forte does pretty good on water collection. It comes with a 2.3L collection reservoir and it automatically stops when the tank is full. The tank slides out nice and easy and once you replace it, it will return to its operational state. This model also comes with the ability to use continuous draining, but the consumer will need to buy a piece of hose to run from the machine.

For filtration, you only get the standard level of filtration. It does not offer any antibacterial filtration, but the filter is washable, so that does limit the additional operating costs. If you have issues with allergies or dust in the home this might be an issue.

As far as the quality of the build goes, it seems to be very well made. Going for a more simple design and offering fewer features does make for a less complicated piece of machinery and it should be easy to maintain and care for. This model also comes with a 1-year limited warranty, so you are at least covered for a little while.


Up to 10L of extraction per day Efficient compressor driven system 3L water tank Simple rotary dial controls Tank full indicator Auto stop for full tank Good for drying laundry Defrost indicator Optional continuous draining Easy to move with built-in castors and integrated carrying handles


Only offers standard filtration You have to buy your own hose for continuous draining

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