DeLonghi DES12 Review

DeLonghi DES12 Review

The De’Longhi DES12 compact dehumidifier is smaller model that can be good for single room use or for homes of three bedrooms or less. It is an efficient machine that uses a refrigerant system to remove the moisture from the air it can work well in a range of different temperatures.

For dehumidification, this machine can offer up to 12L of moisture removal in a day. This model also has an electronic defrosting system to assist the low temperature performance. Like most compressor models, this machine is less efficient and effective at lower temperatures, but the defrost system does help it to perform better than many of the competitors.

For water collection, the DES12 has a nice 3L tank. This means less emptying and the tank is clear with a window on the body to allow the user to see how full the tank is. It also has a full tank indicator and the machine automatically stops when the water is full. The tank slides easily from the side and the machine will not restart until the tank is emptied and properly returned to its position. If you choose, this model does also come with the provisions for a continuous draining system.

The controls on this dehumidifier are also very simple. It comes with a rotary dial for the humidistat and you can turn it to the position that best suits your needs. It has marks for minimum, medium and maximum operation with somewhere in the medium range being the optimal level for most homes. It also has a continuous setting that can be good for drying laundry.

With this model, you also get Bio Silver antibacterial filtration. This means less germs and dust in the air and it will help to prevent the spread of bacteria. The filter is washable and it is easy to remove for the occasional cleaning. The user can remove most of the dust using a vacuum and then get the filter thoroughly clean by washing it in the sink. Once the filter is dry, it can be replaced in the machine to resume operation.

This machine may only have one fan speed, but it does offer good air distribution with the bilateral airflow. It has a single intake for pulling the moist air into the machine and then it has a port on each side for the flow of the dried air. It has a nice compact body and it comes with castors and a handle for easy portability.


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