DeLonghi DEM10 Review

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  • De'Longhi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier
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  • Last modified: January 11, 2016
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Review Summary:

The De’Longhi DEM10 is made for portable use and it can provide a great solution for a variety of different consumers. This model is very effective at warm temperatures and it can also work at temperatures that approach freezing. It can be especially good for single room dehumidification or as a model that you can keep in the bedroom with you as you sleep.

For a portable model, the De’Longhi DEM10 dehumidifier offers some impressive performance. This machine uses refrigerant coils to condense the moisture in the air and it can work well in a wide range of environments. Being lightweight and easy to use make this a user-friendly solution for excess humidity.

This machine is fairly small, but it delivers up to 10L of extraction per day depending on the conditions. At warm temperatures, the user gets great efficiency and it can work even in rooms that are up to 45 square meters. As a compressor model, its ability to extract moisture from the air will reduce as the temperature decreases, but this model does have an anti-frost system to help it perform in the cold.

The DEM10 can work in temperatures between 2 and 35-degrees, but the performance of the machine really starts to decline as you get below about 10-degrees. Its prime operating temperature is probably somewhere between the high end of 25-35. This is where users will see the best efficiency and the highest level of extraction.

The controls on this De’Longhi model are about as simple as they come. It has a single rotary dial that allows the user to set the operation anywhere from minimum to continuous. This provides a decent level of control over the operation of the machine and the continuous setting can be nice for drying laundry. On the control panel, you also have indicator lights for power, full water and to indicate when the machine is defrosting.

On water collection, you lose a little bit of tank size to the portability of the machine. It comes with a 2L water tank, which is about as low as you want to go with a machine that can extract 10L of water per day. The user can see the water levels without having to remove the tank and the indicator light lets you know when it is time to empty. The manufacturer also provides the option of continuous draining with the parts included for running the line.

This machine does have a basic level of filtration. The filter is washable and depending on the environmental conditions and the level of usage, it will probably need to be cleaned every 2-6 weeks. The filter is easy to remove and it cleans up with little effort, so the maintenance on this end is very limited.

With the DEM10, De’Longhi has produced a very well made machine. With little effort on maintenance and care, this dehumidifier should last for years. It isn’t the most powerful or the most versatile dehumidifier, but it is a quality product that delivers on its claims.


• Up to 10L of extraction per day
• Works at near freezing temperatures
• Anti-frost system
• Operating range of 2-35 degrees
• Full water indicator
• Auto stop for full water
• Optional continuous draining
• Good for drying laundry
• Rotary dial humidistat
• Pull-up handle
• Lightweight and compact
• Quiet operation


• The water tank is a little small

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